What is this?

Basically by installing this application, as soon as you receive a notification there is a flash as your phone starts blinking for the LED notification.
It can be useful to anyone that has a device without the LED notification, but instead have a flash next to the selfie camera.
It also extends the concept of notification to the unread badges received from the applications (ex. the "Facebook like"). So, when an unread badge pops up, in the same way as a "normal" notification the flash starts blinking and you will be notified of what's going on.
Various settings are also available to better configure the application to suit your needs.

It works on all devices equipped with a front flash, regardless of whether or not they have the hardware LED notification. (read also the Hardware limitations section for more details)

Main features

  • customizable activation based on the current display status and audio mode
  • pocket mode and recovery options
  • Samsung AOD support
  • single or double blink
  • optional custom delay for the first blink
  • use also the rear flash when the device is upside down
  • additional flashing loop with customizable frequency
  • three different gestures to dismiss the flashing loop
  • customizable exclusions for the incoming call, the missing call and the text messages
  • customizable exclusions for all the installed user applications
  • flash notifications for the unread badges received from compatible applications and customizable by app exclusions (only on Samsung devices with TouchWiz based ROM)
  • suspend on low battery
  • suspend during a customizable time slot
  • integration with the Android "Do not disturb" settings
  • custom quick setting tile in the quick settings panel to easily turn on/off the service (only on Android 7.x+ devices)
  • custom shortcut pressing the application icon to easily turn on/off the service (only on supported launchers and on Android 7.1.1+ devices)
  • built-in black list to avoid the flash for useless, fake or annoying notifications from some applications
  • optimized for memory usage
  • battery-friendly (usually takes up 2% in each 24 hour period)
  • dark theme
  • RTL support for Arabic languages
  • no ADS
  • no ROOT ACCESS needed to work
  • and more...


  • English
  • Italian
  • Arabic (Egyptian)
  • Arabic (Syrian)
  • Croatian
  • Czech
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Polish
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Russian
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Slovak
  • Spanish
  • Turkish
  • Ukrainian
  • Vietnamese


This application is not ad-supported and can not collect and transmit any sort of privacy sensitive information.
This application can not collect, store or publish any user information.
This application can not use any data connection, detect your location or access your contacts. It also can not read any sensitive information stored on your device. This guarantees maximum security for your data and your privacy.


This application does not need any special permissions except for the one to bind the Android notification listener service.

This is the only authorization required to properly interact with your incoming notifications (you will be asked about it explicitly when it is run for the first time).

  • Devices with Camera Hardware level: LIMITED (partial Camera2 API support)

    On some devices the manufacturer implemented only partially the Android Camera2 API; this means limited hardware access to the camera for the developers. In this case the only way to let this application properly take control of the front flash is to use the old Android API and that's why you may also have to authorize the application to use the hardware camera.

    With the first run and only if the application detects this limitation, as per the above case you will be asked explicitly to grant full camera access permission (even if the application should only use the front flash, the flash is strictly part of the hardware camera).
    You must agree with providing access to your device camera, file system and audio recording for the application to function. This access is limited to user only. None of the data present in your device can be shared with me or any other person.

Keep in mind that if you deny any of these permissions the application will not work!

If you know how Android works and the meaning of application permissions, you can easily verify by yourself all the above statements.
So please, avoid claiming that we are a bunch of criminals here just to steal your data with this application... in doing that, you would be such an IDIOT!

Hardware limitations

Lately several devices (mainly, but not only, running Android 8.x) are equipped with front flash with custom hardware that developers can not have access to. Furthermore, with the introduction of the new firmware based on Android 8.x, Samsung has inexplicably inhibited the use of front flash to developers on a wide range of devices.
Strangely enough, the front camera of your device may not be equipped with a "real" front flash for this application. When it "asks" through the Android API to your front camera some information about its front flash, the answer may be "no front flash available". There is no workaround this!

This is a software/hardware limitation imposed by the manufacturer (don't ask me why) and at the moment unfortunately there's nothing I can do. I understand your amazement, but if you experience this kind of issue at 99% of the time that's the reason why this application may not work and could report the non-availability of a front flash despite your eyes seeing a front flash.

Mainly only the branded (stock) camera application can handle this kind of front flash, using owned and reserved API.
Try it by yourself to install (from the app Store) an alternative camera application. Then shoot a front selfie and check if the front flash can turn on... or use any other application you expect to use the front flash (usually Instagram and Snapchat fail as well) and then let me know the results.
In addition, you can also try to install Device Info HW and then select the "Camera" tab and check all detailed information about the front camera of your device.

Finally, let me remind you that this app can't take control over the brightness, the color and the speed (On-Off phase) of a flash; unfortunately it isn't a LED... no way for the developers to handle these features.
All of them are strictly related to the hardware and its manufacturer and therefore vary from model to model.

Main functioning

As you can imagine, this application must be able to take control of the front flash of your device to work properly. In an Android phone this can only happen in one way: through the front camera as the flash is strictly connected to it.
The developers in fact through dedicated instructions, can turn it on and off at will. But it always has a connection to the camera and not directly to the flash itself.
To handle all the incoming notifications, an Android service will run in background on your device.
These are the main functioning at the root of this application.


If you installed any startup manager application (such as Startup Manager, Autorun Manager, AutoStart Manager, Advanced Task Manager, BootManager, etc) or any battery manager/optimizer application (such as Greenify, Doze, Brevent, Hibernator, App Freezer, etc) pay attention to avoid killing the running "Flash notification service" otherwise this application will not work!
I also want to draw your attention to the importance of the Android wakelocks in the lifecycle of this application (if you don't know what wakelocks are, disregard the sentance below).
If your device is running an application that detects and blocks wakelocks (such as Wakelock Detector, WakeBlock, No Wakelock, Wake Lock - PowerManager, etc), keep in mind that the main features of this application will not work as you expect. So add it to the white list if any, or if you are interested in using this application in any way avoid blocking the wakelocks.

In other words, because of unreasonable battery optimizations implemented by some brands but not only, you have to be careful not to put this application in hibernation without realizing it or maybe killing or blocking the background service without noticing it. These are the most common causes of the main problems you may experience!
Please verify the impact over this application by any system tools / Magisk - Xposed modules which you heavily rely on (especially if your device is ROOTED).
So, double check your system settings before reporting any issues, thanks.

Battery consumption

It isn't strictly related to the application itself. What drains the battery is the flash not the background service in charge of managing your incoming notifications, I can't do more in terms of optimization.
Battery consumption mainly depends on how long you will let the flashing loop run before you dismiss it (the shorter it is the better for your battery) and also on how many notifications you receive a day.

Issues & Known bugs

  • with the introduction of the new firmware based on Android 8.x, Samsung has inexplicably inhibited the use of front flash to developers on a wide range of devices, so this application stop working!!

System requirements

  • Android 6.x Marshmallow or later
  • a device with front camera and front flash (read also the Hardware limitations section for more details)
  • five minutes of your free-time and a little piece of your brain (just in case)
  • you do not need ROOT ACCESS for this application to work



This application is available on the Google Play Store.


Your donations are welcomed and appreciated: PayPal


All translations are created by community volunteers and open for contribution. If you want this application in your language and you are interested in cooperate, please contact me at ffn-localizations@3ndy.com


The full changelog by version can be found here.

Debugging and Enhancements

Crash reports sent in for debugging, as well as device dumps you send me for functionality improvements, may include privacy sensitive information.


The app stores you download and install this application from, may track all sorts of privacy sensitive information.
This is not directly related to my application, so please consult the policies of the app store you used to download this application from (if any).

FrontFlash Notification

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 2.4.5
Stable Release Date: 2018-10-24

Created: 2018-01-13
Last Updated: 2018-10-25